Banners and Summaries

Summary: Sometimes, when you think it’s the end, it may actually be the beginning of something wonderful.

Today we are here to say
The watch stands relieved
Relieved by those you have led, guided, and trained
Major Masen, you stand relieved. We have the watch.

**A Tip of the Spear Finale for the Babies at the Border Compilation**

Summary: "It has been said that when the last last breath leaves the body and the heart beats for its final time the newborn will see a vision that will lead them to their one true love” This isn’t what Maria tells Jasper when he awakens and when he finally learns the truth it might be too late.

Summary: *Clears throat* Uh, hi. I’m Edward Cullen, twenty-five-year-old male nanny, or as some call me, The Manny. I take care of TJ, the coolest three-year-old ever. Initially, I took the job to help pay for culinary school, but yeah; it’s more than a side gig now. My employer and TJ’s mom is Isabella Crowley. She’s cool too. And she’s funny. And she’s sweet. She’s smart, and yeah, she’s pretty hot. She’s also divorced and off-limits in any case if I want to keep my job - which I do. I think. Yeah, yeah, I do. 
I think.

Summary: Jacqueline Clearwater Black" is the five year old daughter of Jacob and Leah. She has big aspirations -- hopes one day to be chief of her tribe, following in her father's footsteps.

Summary: What if Carlisle's start as a vampire was different? Carlisle was adopted as a human baby by Aro and Sulpicia, after his human father was killed by the Kings. He was the Crowned Prince of Volterra. In an effort to learn how other vampires live, to be the best ruler of his future domain, he set out on a journey to the new world. He still became the suave, compassionate doctor to humans, still only drinking animal blood. In his travels, he stumbles upon a human newborn baby girl. This certainly is not what he expected.

Summary: Burned out movie star, Edward Cullen, takes a break from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, and ends up finding love in the middle of nowhere.

Summary: It began as a not so funny prank on a single father of two. But somehow, Edward couldn’t get that red leotard out of his head, or the girl in it. Maybe it was time to make a change.

Summary:“He waited years, she could wait another hour." 

Seven years and the opportunity of a lifetime...can she relive the past while fighting to fix it?

Summary: Emmett had never thought much of Angela Weber. She had always been just another one of Bella’s friends, someone that he looked out for because Bella did. But then one day he learned that the girl who always seemed so silent was the one person who was screaming the loudest, and what kind of protector would he be to ignore the cries of an innocent in pain? 

Summary: I.M. Swan a best selling author is on top of her literary world. After coming off her book tour for her latest book, she has begun her research for her next book, a book on the Chicago Mafia. Spending hours in the library and courthouse, she is surprised to find out a most curious piece of information about the leader of the largest crime family. He is not the rightful heir to the family. 

Aro Volturi’s grandfather had a huge secret that he thought would be buried forever. His older brother had a male child, before his unexpected death. This child was the rightful heir to the Volturi Crime Family. Hiding the child away from the family with a distant cousin who had no aspirations of being part of the crime family.

Edward Cullen Sr., grew up not knowing his mother or father but had a happy childhood with his adoptive family, that was until he found out the truth. His parents were killed by his father’s brother. Vowing to revenge his father’s death, he formed a rival crime family with the goal of taking down the Volturi.

Carlisle Cullen moves into position to take down the Volturi family with the help of his son Edward. Edward had been training from a young age to be the one to take over leadership and be the only mafia leader in Chicago.

One evening Edward is following one of Aro’s hitman and watches as he attacks a young woman in the alley. Coming to her aid, he is mesmerized by her beauty and when he gets to know her, he is in awe of her intellect.

Will Bella be able to survive with Edward help or will Aro get to her and silence her forever? E&B

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